Welted Cushions Quote

When measuring for custom cushions, measure length and width you would like you’re your cushion. Each cushion comes with a foam core, wrapped in a layer of handsewn batting.

When measuring for the height of the cushion, the foam cores come in 2, 3, 4, 4 ½, 5 and 6” widths. Keep in mind that the layer of batting will add approximately ½” to the height which plumps up the cushion cover so it doesn’t sag. So if you choose a 2” height, the fullest part of the cushion will be about 2 ½” when finished.

Each cushion has welting made in the same fabric as the cushion, unless contrasting welting is requested. There is a back zipper along the length of the each cushion and the zipper wraps around each side a couple of inches, for easy removal if you need to have it dry cleaned.

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