Schumacher Mary McDonald Chinois Palais Custom Pillows (shown in Lettuce-comes in other Colors) 2 Pillow Minimum Order

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Pillows in Schumacher Mary McDonald Chinois Palais
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2 Pillow Minimum Order - Quantity of 2 is 2 Pillows
Fabric is Cut and Sold by the Full Panel which is 131.50" (3.75 yards)  One Panel retails for $750.   Pillows include discounted fabric.  Please contact me to order.  
Custom Pillows with grey welting in Mary McDonald Chinois Palais on both sides.  Comes in Lettuce, Tangerine, Blush Conch, Aquamarine, Lavender and Grisaille (scroll through pictures).   Each pillow and back and front of each pillow will feature a different part of the design.   Pillow Insert is Not Included.
Pillows shown in pictures are 20 X 20 and 24 X 24 and have welting in Robert Allen Kilrush II Linen in Nickel.  Each side features a different part of the design (scroll through pictures).  Because of the large scale of the design I would not recommend ordering pillows that are smaller than 20 X 20.  You can Request Custom Pillows in Chinois Palais in any color and size; with or without welting. 
Fabric Content:  Linen
Width of Fabric:  54"
Vertical Repeat:  131.50"
Horizontal Repeat:  54"

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