ON SALE 50% Off - Schumacher Lulu DK Ode to Matisse Punch Pillows with Self Welting (Both Sides-22 X 22)

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On Sale 50% Off - Only 2 - 22 X 22 Pillows Remaining at This Sale Price.

Regular price for custom pillows in Ode to Matisse with welting are $165 each. Ode To Matisse retails for $125 per yard.

Pillows have Ode To Matisse on Front and Back. Fronts both look the same with the Yellow front featured. Back of one features the Orange design (see pictures) and back of the other pillow features the green design (not shown).

Inside seams are professionally finished. Pillow has invisible zipper. Insert is Not Included.

100% Cotton


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