Martyn Lawrence Bullard Romeo in Carrara for Schumacher 175650

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 Originally from the Far East, hand marbled paper reached the Venetian Republic on Renaissance trade routes and became a sought-after commodity, eventually reproduced by local artisans and becoming synonymous with La Serenissima itself. Swirling patterns of hand-dipped ink are recreated from sheets of paper and printed on finely woven cotton, imitating marble in a stylized way - it intentionally looks like trompe l'oeil, which is the essence of its charm. Available in lapis, carrara, and topaz, it's a coordinating accent that's ideal for an upholstered headboard or a pop of muted pattern on a chair back.
Fabric Content:  Cotton
Width of Fabric:  54.5"
Vertical Repeat:  35.5"
Horizontal Repeat:  13.625"



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