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​Jeffrey Alan Marks for Kravet Fabric Collection 30% Off

Jeffrey Alan Marks for Kravet Fabric Collection 30% Off

Drapes in Soto, Chair in Blocking and Pillows in Upstream and Templin

Chairs in Blocking with Pillows in Standford.  Drapes in Soto.

Chair in Hollister in Graphite, Pillow in Templin and Drapes in Soto

Coverlet -Waterpolo River. Pillows Upstream Ocean and Glen Oaks-15. Upholstered Bed/Pillows Hollister Indigo. Roman Shade in gorgeous sheer Gaffey Snow

Bedding in Spiro in Grass.  Pillow in Branches.

Pillows and Cushion featuring Jeffrey Alan Marks new Fabric Collection.

Pillow in Templin comes in Pewter (also comes in Ocean and Java)

Pillow in Upstream in Mist (also comes in Kelp, Lagoon and Ocean)